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A look back at The Village Inn's past...

It was first built in the 18th century as a village coaching inn. Later named The Star Inn which was leased from Arnold Perrett & Co (from 1891 and 1903 licensing books) which sold gold medal Wickwar ales.  Many years after it was purchased by Wadworths Brewery and renamed The Dinneywicks Inn. This was named after a nearby field where its owner levied a toll because it straddled a highway. In 2018, The sadly failing Dinneywicks was sold by Wadworths and became a free house. In 2022, The Dinneywicks was sold again, purchased and rebranded to The Village Inn by Rich, Kev & Jayne who have given it a new lease of life.


1. The Crown Inn, High Street
2. The Dog & Badger Inn, Walkmill Lane
3. The Plume Of Feathers Inn, High Street
4. The Masons Arms, Abbey Street
5. The New Inn, Wotton Road (Opposite Tubbs Turf)
6. The Blue Boys, New Mills Area 
(No Image)
7. The Dukes Head, High Street (No Image)

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